How long is the Study English program?
The program length is:

  • 7-weeks (day or evening, full-time or part-time)

How do agencies/students apply?
Click here or call (212) 277-5180 to apply to the Study English Program. The online application is available at: www.stjohns.edu/TLC/esl

What is the deadline for application?
Deadlines for the 2012 Study English Program vary with each program. Please call (212) 277-5180 for the deadline for a specific 7-week program.

Where do agencies send applications?

Use our online application at: www.stjohns.edu/TLC/esl

Or e-mail completed applications to: ESL@stjohns.edu

Or  mail to:

St. John’s University
ATT: The Language Connection
101 Murray Street, Suite 132
New York, NY 10007

Is English language instruction offered at different levels in the Study English Program at The Language Connection of St. John’s?
English as a Second Language (ESL), courses are offered at all levels of proficiency, from Beginner to Advanced. Special courses are offered to prepare students for undergraduate and graduate coursework at the University. Students who complete TLC’s highest level are not required to take the TOEFL for admission to St. John’s University.

Do students need bedding or towels when they stay at St. John’s to take courses?
No, bedding and towels are provided by the university in the residences (dormitories). Students need to bring only their passport, clothing and personal toiletries for their stay at St. John’s.

Contact Agencies can directly contact Sue Peterson for more information about the Study English Program at The Language Connection of St. John’s University.

Sue Peterson’s contact information:

Sue Peterson, Assistant Director
The Language Connection
212 284-7006 or 212 277-5180 or 212 277-5104